We get got you into the UCF classes you need.

In just six days, U Could Finish helped over 500 students search for classes. On the seventh day, we were blocked.

U Could Finish was a tool that searched myUCF and sent a text when it found a seat in the class you wanted. That all came to a screeching halt on Friday, June 8th, when our server was blocked from UCF entirely. If you try to access this site on campus, it doesn't even exist.

Since then, UCF has punished our founder.

Punishments entail:

The letter in full is available here: Page 1 and Page 2.

Please see the Conduct Timeline for a day by day account of what has happened.

Our response is still evolving so please see our report on Action News 6 and the Central Florida Future.

Below is the presentation we gave to Student Conduct, in case you wish to see our side of the story.

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